I see everyone posting the same style campaigns for their business, I should be a copycat. False. Now, I am not saying you cannot send out a message saying Happy Holidays or whatever you are trying to do similar. I do want to raise your awareness of how all of these campaigns tend to buk together and look the same. Think about all the emails that you get that say “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Happy Birthday” on your Facebook Page. I am certain you appreciate them, but once you get your third one you are likely over it. 

Instead, think about using a similar strategy but to the next level. Instead of saying Happy Thanksgiving on a mass blast email, find a group of your customers (or all of them) and send them a card or a turkey. Not everyone has a budget to do this and I will be the first to say don’t spend money. But, you cannot simply post a “campaign” and expect to get amazing results. Anomalies do more. Are you an anomaly or a copycat?

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