I am a huge believer in building relationships and more specifically friendships. Why? If you have a ton of friends, my theory, is you will live a better life. About twelve months ago I was connected to Bryan Wish, who has become a friend and recently he connected me with David Schnurman, who I had never heard of before. I am thrilled Wish connected us, because every once in a while, I do one of these interviews and can just tell how special the person on the other side of the screen is. Schnurman is a pioneer. While in law school he was interviewing folks to learn from about business, and found a way to broadcast all of these for free on a New York City public broadcast network. Who did he interview, one of them the infamous, Simon Sinek.

Schnurman also created Lawline, the leading online legal learning platform and is the NYC EO president. He also wrote, The Fast Forward Mindset, which helps readers learn how to use fearlessness and focus to achieve ridiculous amounts of whatever they are hoping for. Which, I hope is success!

In this episode:

  1. The parallels of business and fitness and how to construct a plan to succeed
  2. How to tell your parents you aren’t doing what you went to school to do
  3. What technique taught him more about his career than anything else
  4. Why he changed his book cover 
  5. Positivity and why it is critical

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