Something that might seem absolutely ridiculous is whether or not your headshot is simply up to date. When is the last time that you went to a meeting and met someone for the first time and you went online, to one of their social profiles, to Linkedin or Facebook, to see what they look like? 

And what you saw in the pictures online is NOT who showed up? Yes, it was the same person, but the image was likely from 1984. Or maybe they had blonde hair or wearing a hat or long hair not short. Black hair now red. Whatever it might be. Whatever your current look is make sure that your headshot, the one that people see online is up to date and as close to accurate as possible. Because when that person walks in looking for you, you don’t want them to be like ‘where are they’ ‘where is this person that I am looking for’?

Because you don’t look the way that you portray online. SO make sure that when you update you look, you update your headshot as well. It doesn’t have to be one of those fancy high priced photo shoots either. Pull out your good ole cellie and snap some pics of that fine looking self that you are!

Every season or so, at the least, you should be updating your profile images, your headshots, the images you send to conferences, your speaking pics, you get it. Update them every 90 days. 

Also, Zack Hack here, it’s a super duper way to get people, aka your followers, aka the people who are watching you online from afar or near, or whatevermijig, to get an update from you. And it’s free99. Which gets those folks to your social profiles, which then if you dont suck online would get them to pursue your social network profiles and content or your website… and whammy! 

As silly as it seems it’s something that you should do quite often. If you update your look, update your pics. Go into your calendar right now and set up a quarterly reminder to update your social pics. You are welcome. 

Cuz the last thing you want is someone to be like, OMG that person’s pic is soooo from 1976. It’s not a good look. Maybe you know have glasses or switched to contacts. Update! You want people to recognize you.

Authors Note. When I recorded this video, September 6, 2018, I did not have a beard. Now I do. Or maybe I don’t. Follow your own rulez!