I met Nathan Latka at a Startup Weekend event in Northern Virginia in 2012. To this date he is still the best performer I have ever viewed lived. Latka is witty, quick to move but most importantly calculated. He understands how to draw in others and to stand out. 

He has a hit podcast, The Top with millions of downloads. http://nathanlatka.com/podcast-thetop/

Sold his business for millions in his mid twenties.

Convinced 100 people give him 700 bucks for a Facebook Fan Page while in his dorm room at Virginia Tech

Was going to perform at an event I had to cancel, Drop Anchor


Currently number 1 for entrepreneurship[ books on Amazon for his hit “How To be A Capitalists Without Any Capital.” https://www.amazon.com/How-Capitalist-Without-Any-Capital/dp/052553444X or http://capitalistbook.com

Follow Nathan for a wild ride https://www.facebook.com/NathanWLatka

Don’t just show up to a networking event, meet people, make friends and stay in touch and follow them on their journeys.

Oh yea, a little about me, Zack Miller.

Zack Miller started his first business at the age of 10. Since then he’s spent decades helping other people successfully start, grow and dominate their businesses through his company, Hatch. Zack has used the skills detailed in his book Anomaly: How to Finally Stand Out From the Crowd to land an interview with Daymond John, be chosen as the host of a business TV show on ABC, talk business at the White House, get featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, and raise money from the team that started the Weather Channel. Check out Zack on his podcast, “Zack Miller Says”. He currently resides in Norfolk, VA.

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