In the world we live in now filled with social media and “perfection posts” you have access and the ability to showcase what you want. Positive, negative, truthful, lies, whatever. To me, it is all about being raw and genuine. No perfect lighting or practicing what I am going to say for months. Instead, I think of something and press record on my phone or Facebook Live on my MacBook. If it’s not video it’s text for a blog post or tweet. I speak what is on my mind and a deliver it in a way that can be distributed universally. 

And if I am really feeling old school, I call a friend and invite them to lunch or coffee to just talk. Just because the overwhelming majority of every single thing you see seems perfect does not mean it is. You do not know their story or their content. You can only control what you push out. It also does not mean you have to do something similar. To be different you have to do things different. Going behind the scenes and showing the real raw is what is really happening, not behind some filter on social media. 

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