Sometimes, life sucks. But, to accomplish something grand you must go through the suck to get to the top of the mountain. In a world filled with participation trophies and instant gratification it is no wonder people are not filling up to their capacities. I was listening to David Goggins recently and he said something like the reason I work out to the extreme is because I think about going up there or where ever the next world is (referring to heaven) and a higher power showing up a list of accomplishments. When he sees the list it shows a series of ridiculous endeavors like running 100 mile endurance races, loses 105 pounds in three months, buds training three times, and his book, “Can’t Hurt Me” being in second place behind Michelle Obama on Amazon.

This is the life Goggins lives, but he says he doesn’t want to get there and see the chart without everything he was supposed to accomplished. A list full of things that he was supposed to do, but did not do so. So he does something that sucks every single day. 

Do Things That Suck


I love the concept of doing things that suck. It makes you stronger every day. But, so many will sit back and quit, not start or whine. If you want something big of your life or if you want as Goggins says to fulfill what’s supposed to be on your list you have to do things that suck. Recently, I was meditating, and while recognizing it was my 45th straight day. I noticed that I have gotten better over time. That’s why you have to keep going. You cannot quit. If you want to win, if you want to live the life you know you can, you have to remove the doubt and exchange it for you certainty. 


Malcom Gladwell, in his book “Outliers” says that to become an expert you must put in 10,000 hours. That, my friends, is a ton of time. So, instead of putting in the ten minutes that you are or simply thinking about “Wanting Something More” it is going to take you a long time, a ton of suck and some crazy amounts of head trash elimination to get there.

No Days Off


After working out everyday in 2018, I realized how important mindset was. I now believe you actually cannot take a day off. Many of us, myself included, simply need to just keep going every day. Some days are awesome, some days suck. Even today after I recorded this podcast, I went to the gym, as I am training for an Ironman 70.3. I wanted to quit my 1.2 mile swim at least seven times. But, I kept pushing and told myself to shut up and keep going. Positivity helps. But, what also helps is just pushing through the suck. Hours later, I feel great. Because I went through the suck and didn’t quit. By doing so, it will prepare me for my goal and make me stronger. 

It’s odd to me that so many have goals, especially around the new year. But so many are unwilling to do what is necessary to achieve theirs. Whether it’s getting out of debt, racing in a long race, launching and dominating a multimillion dollar business or being the best parent. They instead, give in and quit over and over. Instead of removing unnecessary spending, working out or having quality time with their kids instead of spending it on Facebook. AKA doing the suck, doing what is uncomfortable. I am going to give you a quick tip on why many are successful and many aren’t. The ones who win are resilient and don’t quit even when it seems like its the only option left. 

Little by little, by not quitting and instead focusing on the goal you set out to achieve you will realize it’s all in your mind. So use the positive mind, not the negative one.