I signed up for an Ironman 70.3 in Cambridge, MD, I’m a rookie at this, so of course I Googled “How To Run a Ironman 70.3” and searched through all the content that had been produced. Learning mostly through YouTube University (a name I stole from Randy Williams of Tally and Twine) I started consuming hours of videos on what I need to think about for the race. As a marketing guy of course I know that content is king, but what I started to recognize even I was struck by. 

The search began with one main question, but while consuming many new doors of knowledge opened up. Think of the main idea as the trunk of a tree and the sub ides or more niche concepts are the branches or limbs and even deeper information would be the leaves of the tree. Yet, all of this can be created in the content you produce. You have one main idea, which is likely what your main targets will search for and will have the most eyeballs consuming, but for those wanting more you can provide them those details as well through branches and leaves. 

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