a training plan for your marketing… to grow into the business you know you can be

Struggling to get your business or brand more opportunities? Would a larger audience be the golden ticket to your success?

The question is: How do you stand out from MILLIONS of people fighting for your audience’s attention? How do you stand out when it feels like everyone is trying to do the EXACT SAME THING?

You become the Anomaly – that’s how.

A chef with one dinky restaurant grew an audience of 150K Facebook followers… A swim coach launched a Kickstarter campaign, generating 65k overnight… A college dropout generated 100K in recurring monthly income by capitalizing on “doctor visits”.

They leveraged both their networks and passions into wildly successful endeavors. Is it too hard to believe you could do the very same thing for yourself?

Humans consume over 5,000 advertisements a day. Acting like everyone else will guarantee to camouflage you among the masses.

An anomaly is something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. To be noticed, you must become the Anomaly.

What is THE CROWD Saying?

“Zack is one of the more creative minds I have come into contact with. He has the ability to look at your situation in business and tell you what you could do better to become different and unique when compared to your competition.”

— Chris Topping, Venture Capitalist

“I’m always looking for one or two novel ideas that I haven’t already heard or tried. I’m often disappointed when it’s just reworked tired advice I’ve heard many times before. Miller has found a way to truly stand out from this crowded field.”

— Chad Stenzel, Premier Sales Coach

The bottom line is this: Most marketing gurus are looking to sell you from the stage with techniques aimed at selling their services and you spending additional money on advertisements. These strategies sound great, just like losing 50 pounds on P90X, yet to the majority aren’t possible, especially without a marketing budget the size of Apple or Amazon.

Insert The Anomaly Academy; a simple roadmap that is implementable by anyone and is NOT dependent on the ever-changing technical world. It instead is centered around capitalizing on the wins you already have, and leveraging them to help you hit your goals. This proven method for catching one’s eye and garnering results having been achieved by tens of thousands of businesses and professionals was first outlined in my book, Anomaly: How to Finally Stand Out From the Crowd.

Join the Academy

A few years back I was obese. I never really thought of myself like that. But, looking back, even if being 300 pounds wasn’t “obese” I was EXTREMELY unhealthy. I had wanted to change that for a while, but because of excuse after excuse I just let it lapse. And lapse. And lapse. Then on January 2, 2018 I started to do something physical everyday. Maybe it was a bike ride, some weight training, walking the dog, some stretching, pushups, whatever. And I recalled a scenario that my buddy, Tim Ryan, had started. He began a minimum of running two miles a day every day for years. No days off. 

I was like hmm, there’s something to this. And it actually makes it easier, since you know that you have to train every day. No days off. So, I downloaded an app on my iPhone called Productivity and set the simple habit tracker to yes or no. Did I workout today, yes or no. 

And since January 2, 2018, the answer is yes. The gamification of this app and mindset worked wonders. It got me to always remember to just do something physical. Some Days are wildly more difficult than others, but it doesn’t matter. 

So I continued to workout everyday by simply winging it. I never really followed a plan, even when I was training in 2019 for my first Ironman 70.3 race in Cambridge, MD. I finished the race, I was tired, but my training, “was working”. I continued on for the next 5 or so months, until Tim again said something to me that really stuck. We decided to both run the same marathon set for March of 2020. I had no idea what to do, but I wanted my running to get better. Tim said, “follow a plan”. So I did, I bought a marathon training plan and every single day I followed what it said to do. 

Once that race was over, I was immediately going to jump into Ironman training, which is what I am currently training for. And, what did I do? I bought an Ironman training plan? Why? Because when I followed the plan for my marathon, I knew exactly what to do from someone who had been there before. 


Winging it

Following a plan

I was 7 weeks into training and I was seeing significant results, minutes dropping from my times, speeds increasing and my weight continuing to drop. Even though I had been working out for years now, I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. Not until, I realized a plan was the missing link. 

Sure, winging it can work and it definitely got me started to find a plan, but without having an epiphany on how necessary a plan of action was I would have never seen the results I wanted. 

Why am I talking about working out when I am a marketer?

I’m a firm believer that there are strong parallels between fitness and business and fitness and life. The top athletes in the world follow plans typically built by a coach or someone other than themselves. They follow the plan to achieve a goal. So, if a business to be successful needs a plan, then how can I provide that to you. A plan through your calendar, since it will tell you each and every step, every day for months. A plan is the piece missing from you seeing the results you set out for. 

That’s what I am providing to you. The marketing plan (just like a fitness plan) that gets results. Time after time. Business after business. 

Calendar based content. 

The Anomaly Academy will be delivered directly to your calendar, because if it’s on you calendar, you are more likely do it. 


What’s Inside the Academy?

  • Marketing “training” Calendar Plan: Grow your brandz awareness, sales and longevity while following a step-by-step proven plan for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 
  • Kickoff call and strategy session with Zack Miller
  • Copy of Anomaly: How to Finally Stand Out From the Crowd
  • FB group access
  • Keynote replay
  • Early copy of Anomalize: The Action, Intention & Commitment it takes to make noise in a noisy world (coming soon)
  • Training plan that you can add to your calendar.

So, who the heck is Zack Miller?

Zack Miller is a journalist turned entrepreneur who pioneers brand strategies waaay before they become household names. He authored, Anomaly: How to Finally Stand Out From the Crowd and thinks your icebreaker question should not be “Hey, what do you do?”, rather, “What are you watching on Netflix?”

You can find him and his podcast online everywhere @zackmillersays.

P.S. He is the king of easter eggs. 

P.S.S. Michelangelo is the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Stephen Reinstein owns and operates a marketing agency, Market Muscles, that targets martial arts studios. He spent years developing his online service and then launched to crickets. 

chirp chirp. 

Nothing sucks more than spending your hard earned time, money and resources towards something you know is valuable that you simply cannot get it in the hands of those who need it. Or is there a way?

Product was built. But no customers. How can one rapidly gain attention from others. 

Insert Zack Miller. 

Reinstein’s Market Muscles is now producing well over a million dollars in annual revenue, has hosted their own annual conference and has 500+ raving fans. All while starting with crickets. When MM needed help, they called the expert, and results were galore.

“The best advice I ever got from Zack Miller for launching my small business was “enter contests”. Now that seems strange, but winning comes with free PR. So I tried it and won the first one I entered. Never miss an opportunity for free PR. I’ve won many, now and only have Zack to thank.”

– Tracy Link

Having trouble finding customers. Or would adding one client to your portfolio impact your bottom line? Imagine a multiplier of that? 3X 9X 21X

That’s the exact formula included in the Anomaly Academy. If you were a coaching client of mine, you would be spending tens of thousands of dollars annually to get this strategy. As I recognized this formula, the set of tactics and strategies could do more good for businesses in the world. I wanted to create an opportunity for every business to have their golden ticket to the factory. Willy Wonka’s Factory I suppose. Or whatever factory you want the golden ticket to be the keys to get you into. These exact strategies, tactics, exercises and gut checks are the same I provide my coaching clients. Now, the Anomaly Academy can do it for you. For a fraction of the cost. 

Are you ready for your golden ticket?

So… How does it work? Well let me provide you a sneak peak…

Take for instance, Array Digital, a fast growing digital marketing firm. When I started working with them, they were actually in a completely different industry but recognized that the industry they were in wasn’t going to fulfill their ambitious goal of reaching 100 million dollars in annual revenue. They had a teammate working on some digital marketing for a handful of clients and recognized that world, digital marketing, was the one that they could get behind. 

As a relative nobody in this new sector, meaning no one knew them, I was tasked to help Array Digital go from nothing to a dominant brand. In their community, outside of Washington, DC, they capitalized on what I call the Domination Effect, a strategy detailed in the Academy in which strategically, those needing their services start to see them everywhere. And talk about them online, in-person and share detailed accounts with this business to their network. Domination Effect worked so well, it turned Array Digital from 150k annually in digital marketing services to well over 2 million in annual revenue in just 18 short months. 

It starts with knowing what you want people to know you for. Think about the game of telephone. I’ll start saying a word to you and then you share “what you think I said” to the person next to you and so on for 7 people. By the time it gets to the end, the word, Zack Miller has turned into Mack Zilla. Not exactly the keywords you wanted your customers to see. Instead, you must get in the driver’s seat and understand what “in as simplistic a way as possible”, a few words or less words that your customers/prospects are searching for… Digital Marketing… You can begin to flood the gates with your marketing, So that when, in this case, someone says who can do digital marketing, those series of words immediately resonate with Array Digital. 

Digital Marketing = Array Digital

Array Digital = Digital Marketing 

Think Ace Ventura. Finkle and Einhorn. 

Zack Miller = Business Growth

Grow my business = Zack Miller


The problem many are challenged with is they simply go with the game of telephone and “hope” that what they want people to know they do will just work. Instead of getting in front of it and branding/marketing the words associated with you, your services, etc. If you want people to know what you do, you must say it. Say it loud. Say it often. No one knew who Array Digital was, let alone what service they provide. Now, they just won small business of the year and are well on their way to achieving their 100 million dollar annual revenue goal.

That one simple trick is just one of the key strategies I detail in the Anomaly Academy.