This past Friday was Black Friday. Today is Cyber Monday and Saturday is was allegedly Small Business Saturday. Three big days of spending in four days on top of the season of mega mega mega dollarz being spent.

Why does this matter sir Zacky poo?


How many emails with offers did you receive in the past few days?

My guess??? At least 47.8 for the average electronic mailer. Some of these deals are wildly legit while others are snooze button worthy. Now of those 47.8 electronic messages you received, how many of them were from brands that you have seen any kind of message from in the past 30 days?

Actually, 90 days. Nope 180 days.

My guess 2.0 is half. Half of the email promotions that you received this past weekend, were from companies that you forgot you were even subscribed to their list. Do you buy from strangers? My parents always taught me to not get in a creepy black van with a stranger and gosh darnit, they are right! Stay away from strangers.

Yet, again. The bigger problem is you. You because you treat your prospects (and dare I say customers) like dog poo. They have no idea who you are. Don’t be a stranger. Say hello. And say hello a lot. Get them on a frequency that they see your pretty lil mug more often than 3ish days a year.

For example, you receive a message via email from me each and every Monday at 10:13 in da mornin’.

I can show you exactly how to implement this strategy through the Anomaly Academy.

another ending with Happy Thanksgving, Happy small Business Saturday and Happy Cyber Monday,


P.S. When you get a mass message saying how thankful a brand is of you, do you believe them?