About this time a few years back, I finally just did that. I pressed record. Then I uploaded. I’ve learned a lot since, I’ve changed the show name at least once and I’ve made sure to never just be a show with the same list of questions.

Here’s one of the first episode’s of Zack Miller Says (or the show formerly known as the 1000 Four Show) with a guy who manufactures clocks. Yes, clocks.

Things I’ve learned since…

  1. Don’t ask the question ” What do you do or what is your business?” in an interview
  2. Have the camera be eye level aka don’t look down at the screen. It’ll give you that Zack Miller discount double chin
  3. Listen really well, then follow up to that and go deep
  4. (I learned this waaaay before but) don’t do what otherz are doing Stupid point, delete.
  5. Make faces when on camera

Have you been thinking about starting a podcast? Don’t. Yes, in my book, Anomaly, I say start a podcast. But here’s the thing, every one has a podcast now. Do something different. Cuz your show wasn’t going to help you anyway. It’s going to be a waste of time, because you weren’t going to market it, or put the time into it that you know is needed. Podcast success is like your favorite musician. There is no over night success.

P.S. Look, start a podcast, I don’t care. But, don’t come to me in 17 weeks saying it didn’t work when you know 13 minutes a week of effort will get you about .5 likes on the book of face.

You are welcome,

Sir Zack Miller Says

P.S.S. I miss you.