Time. What if I told you that I could find hours in your week and likely your day to do that task that you have been saying you do not have “time” for. It is there. The problem, you are wasting your time (reading this post), complaining at work, going on lunch breaks, ugh social media, etc etc etc. You have the time to do whatever you want. The problem is you are not willing to change meaningless tasks to make your life better. What more? The time is there. 

Are you willing to fight for what you want? Do you realllllllly want it? 24 hours in a day, 8 hours of work, 1 hour of travel to work, 2 hours for food and 8 hours for sleep. You still have 5 hours to work on you, to work on what you want to accomplish. Just stop with the time excuses, it is only hurting you. 

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